James William Allen

James Allen


James William Allen has served as a member of our board of directors since December 2020. Mr. Allen has served as President of Motorsport Network, our parent company, since October 2018. Prior to serving as President of Motorsport Network, Mr. Allen served as President EMEA of Motorsport Network from April 2018 to October 2018 and Director of Speed Merchants Ltd, a Motorsport Network affiliate, from July 2017 to April 2018. Prior to joining Motorsport Network, Mr. Allen served as a correspondent and commentator for various media outlets, including BBC, ESPN, ITV and Financial Times, and has 30 years’ experience at the front line of international motorsports. Mr. Allen is an expert in F1, Formula E, Le Mans, IndyCar and many other racing series with deep relationships with rights holders, federations, original equipment manufacturers (OEM), teams, drivers, brands and agencies. Mr. Allen holds an undergraduate BA and MA (Masters) degree in English and Modern Languages from the University of Oxford. We believe that Mr. Allen is qualified to serve on our board of directors because of his deep understanding of international motorsports and extensive experience in content creation, digital media and broadcast.